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Modern, Easy to Use Privately Branded Solution Leads to Amazing Results

Challenge: A Need to Continue Business Operations During Covid-19 Environment

  • The company was presented an opportunity to host a multi-million-dollar auction for Premier Equipment Rentals in June 2020.

  • Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19, the company needed to find a safe and effective way to host the auction without an onsite crowd present and still garner the most participation as possible.

Solution: Run Online Virtual Auction

  • The company began to search for ways to have the most successful auction and landed on a Virtual auction with NextLot’s Privately Branded Online Solution and another online portal provider.

Result: Modern, Easy to Use Privately Branded Solution Sees Amazing Results

  • Running side-by-side with a portal provider, NextLot’s Industry Leading Privately Branded Solution outsold the portal provider by selling over 86% of the assets.

  • Over 1,100 bidders from Canada and the US contributed to selling over $2.9 million with NextLot during the auction.

  • The company saw such tremendous results partnering with NextLot that it also gained over 500 new online bidders alone and allowed the company to continue to build its brand.

  • Bidders provided glowing remarks on NextLot’s newly released HTML5 online webcast solution from how user friendly the application was to use to how convenient the bidding process was with having multiple avenues across all devices to access the auction.

For more information, please contact NextLot at (919) 361-1111.

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