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Grow Your Online Bidder Base With Privately Branded System

Updated: 5 days ago

Challenge: Need for a Reliable Privately Branded Online Bidding Platform

  • Allen B. Olson Auctions wanted to expand their presence and reach in the auction industry by incorporating a quality online solution as an option for their bidders amid Covid-19.

  • The company had previously never used an online bidding provider and was concerned about lower participation and thus lower prices.

Solution: All in One, Easy to Use Platform with A Proven Track Record to Bring Results Across US & Canada

  • By utilizing NextLot’s industry leading technology, Allen B. Olson was able to seamlessly transition from running onsite only auctions to online only auctions as well as Live simulcast auctions.

Results: Extended Their Brand by Integrating an Online Solution

  • The company’s first ever online auction produced tremendous results, including over $3.2 million in product sold.

  • Using NextLot’s cataloging app allowed the company’s staff to post pictures and post descriptions online faster to allow for more marketing presence for its sellers.

  • Partnering with NextLot’s marketing initiatives, the company had over 5,900 users access their online bidding site generating over 2,000 online registrations.


  • The company hosted their first online only auction and saw record breaking results. NextLot’s easy to use online solution provided bidders and clients a safe effective way to run an online auction while maintaining their business, building their brand, and keeping bidder data safe.

"When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we were seriously considering postponing our auctions.  We were really hesitant to run timed auctions because we never had run online auctions before and were worried that our bidders wouldn't bid, leading to poor results.  NextLot's easy-to-use, awesome product made for a simple transition for our on-site bidders.  We got extremely positive feedback and results that exceeded our expectations.  We now only wish we had started running online-only auctions sooner."

-Allen Olson, Allen B. Olson Auction Services Ltd., Alberta, Canada