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NextLot Releases New Auction Webcast Application

NextLot, Inc., a provider of privately branded online auction solutions for auctioneers, announced today that it launched its new auction webcast application for auctioneers.

NextLot, which has run over 24,000 auctions and has sold over $21 billion since 2007, has been using a Flash-based application to webcast its clients’ auctions. When Adobe announced the deprecation of Flash, NextLot made it a top development priority to build an HTML5 webcast with no Flash dependencies. Today, after running many successful beta auctions in different regions of the world, NextLot is ready to launch its HTML5 webcast to all of its existing clients and to new customers.

NextLot’s HTML5 webcast is even more robust than its Flash-based application. This highly scalable and user friendly mobile and web application uses WebRTC for streaming. Now, clients can produce real-time streams of their auctions in high definition. Real-time audio and video is now available on mobile bidding apps as well. Through its use of Amazon Web Services, the webcast can be run on Amazon cloud servers in close proximity to NextLot’s worldwide client base to ensure real-time connectivity, ultra-low latency, and scalability to unlimited bidders.

Since its inception, NextLot places the highest value on the protection of its clients’ user data and building their brands. This is why NextLot’s white-label application is integrated into clients’ websites with their logos and colors so it’s branded for them. According to a 2019 Asurion survey, typical people check their phones 96 times per day, which is why NextLot builds clients their very own branded mobile apps. Each time bidders check their phones, they will see an auctioneer’s logo for their bidding app, which builds brand recognition for auction companies. Why promote a marketplace’s brand to an auctioneer’s bidders when the auctioneer’s brand can be promoted to its users instead? When using NextLot’s new webcast application, bidders can look forward to a modern, intuitive interface with large photos and a prominent bid button, all accessible equally easily through desktop and mobile.

Scott Finkelstein, CEO of NextLot, said the following about the launch of its new webcast: “NextLot is extremely excited to launch its new industry-leading webcast. This cutting-edge product will be a giant step forward for auctioneers and bidders. We strongly believe that buyers are going to love our clients’ new webcast apps and expect for auctioneers’ online sell-through via the NextLot platform to continue to grow in the years ahead as a result of this innovation.”

About NextLot, Inc.: NextLot offers an innovative approach to online-timed and live webcast auctions by providing extremely easy to use, mobile friendly, privately branded software for auctioneers. NextLot, founded in 2007, has run over 24,000 online auctions and has sold $21 billion in gross merchandise value on its platform. For more information on NextLot, Inc and services offered please visit or call 919-361-1111.

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