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The NextLot Advantage. It's More Than Just Software.

With the ever-growing presence of technology in the field of business, companies are always looking for a way to get the most out of their experience with the technology. NextLot is helping several auction companies do just that. With its state-of-the-art software and 24/7 customer service, NextLot is making an impression on existing and new customers alike.

In the third quarter of 2017, NextLot was excited to begin working with a total of eight new customers, half of whom had never used online auctions as part of their business. NextLot’s desire to give clients a personal touch was felt by one of these new clients who began using NextLot’s service in place of a portal based system and had this to say following their first auction with NextLot:

“We couldn’t believe that NextLot stayed with us supporting us throughout the duration of our auction. Since we are located on the West Coast, our NextLot account manager stayed up until the early morning hours just to ensure everything ran smoothly.”

The NextLot Advantage is not only in its software, but in its employees as well. In a time where technology is an all-controlling aspect of business, it is important not to forget the human element behind it. NextLot looks forward to growing with its new clients as their online auction business grows.

About NextLot, Inc.: NextLot provides auctioneers with a fresh approach to online-timed and live webcast auctions by providing extremely easy-to-use, privately branded software for three main auction formats: Timed Auction, Webcast, and Pre-Bid. NextLot believes that auctioneers’ most important assets are their buyers and that these assets should not have to be shared with their competitors on a public portal. NextLot users build brand loyalty while enjoying full control of their customer base, and avoiding exposure to competition. For more information on NextLot, Inc and services offered please visit

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