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Reaching New Heights with NextLot at 2017 Conference and Show

NextLot is recognized around the world for its superior customer service to its clients and their bidders. We value any and all client feedback and even collaborate with clients to develop new software features. This is why we always look forward to visiting with our clients and prospects at the NAA Conference and Show, where over 900 auction professionals gather.

This year the 2017 National Auctioneers Conference and Show was in bustling Columbus, OH. After talking with numerous auctioneers, we noticed a trend. Auctioneers who currently host their auctions on portals are interested in transitioning to a privately branded system. With the competitive industry we have today, auctioneers want to keep their data close and their bidders closer.

NextLot understands that auctioneers work diligently to build their client base and spend a large amount of money advertising their auctions. So why should auctioneers list their sales on public portals along with those of thousands of other auctioneers? NextLot provides auctioneers and their clients with online bidding built right into their own website so that their customers stay with them and their advertising dollars promote their sales.

This approach is what makes NextLot who we are and what sets us above the rest. Auctioneers can rest assured that their data and bidders are safe. We understand auctioneers have spent decades building relationships with their buyers and we want to ensure they stay loyal to them and are not directed to their competitors.

Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from a privately branded system in this competitive industry.

About NextLot, Inc.: NextLot provides auctioneers with a fresh approach to online-timed and live webcast auctions by providing extremely easy-to-use, privately branded software for three main auction formats: Timed Auction, Webcast, and Pre-Bid. NextLot believes that auctioneers’ most important assets are their buyers and that these assets should not have to be shared with their competitors on a public portal. NextLot users build brand loyalty while enjoying full control of their customer base, and avoiding exposure to competition. For more information on NextLot, Inc and services offered please visit

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