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NextLot Updates Bulk Importation Software

NextLot, Inc., one of the auction industry’s most reliable and cutting edge software providers, continues to remain at the forefront of the technology spectrum. Over the past several years, new developments have been reached through careful study and discussion with clients to create the most user-friendly and versatile online auction management system available. In the most recent upgrade, NextLot revamped its bulk importing system to offer auction houses more options when dealing with large-scale importation of lots, images, and bidders for their auctions.

NextLot’s updated import engine not only has a modern design, but it also offers users more options to more quickly and efficiently load data into auctions. In the past, users were forced to use one particular template to upload items, leading to excess time working with excel spreadsheets. With the new design, spreadsheets can be uploaded in any format, (XLS, XLSX and CSV) and any header can be designated to any column. Not only can files be any format, they can be imported using the “Drag and Drop” style rather than being forced into compressed files and manually selected. This time saving update, along with a new option to reassign images to any lot in the auction within the import itself, gives the user a quick fix to any mistake that might have occurred while taking the photos. Lastly, there is also a new option where the user can un-assign and reassign individual photos to a particular lot. That means if an error was made while taking photos on a camera and one particular photo doesn’t go with that lot, but rather goes with another lot, all it takes in a simple selection to un-assign that photo and another click to assign it to the correct lot. All of these updates to the import engine should allow auctioneers a smoother and more streamlined process of creating and setting up their auctions.

About NextLot, Inc.: NextLot provides auctioneers with a fresh approach to online-timed and live webcast auctions by providing extremely easy to use, privately branded software for three main auction formats: Timed Auction, Webcast, and Pre-Bid. NextLot believes that auctioneers’ most important assets are their buyers and that these assets should not have to be shared with their competitors on a public portal. NextLot users build brand loyalty while enjoying full control of their customer base, and avoiding exposure to competition. For more information on NextLot, Inc and services offered please visit

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