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Online Webcasting of Auctions Leads to Higher Prices

More and more auctioneers are finding that offering live online webcasts for auctions has the power to bring more bids and higher prices. However, it is not just the use of any webcast platform that is leading to such successful results; it is the use of NextLot’s unique privately branded platform that is making the difference.

NextLot’s online webcast platform allows auctioneers to broadcast their auctions with both real-time audio and video, providing online bidders with an experience that feels as though they are attending each event in person. This easy to use platform has not only led to an increase in the number of online bidders but has continued to increase the number of overall bids at each auction. Just take a look at what one NextLot client had to say about its platform after a recent auction:

“After six years of using NextLot as our online auction provider, we continue to receive the same type of service we were shown during the trial run. They sold us then and they continue to deal with us like they’re earning our business at every auction. Our last simulcast auction met and exceeded our expectations, but more so interesting was that 65% of all sales were to online purchasers, 86% of that to international buyers. We’re proud to work with NextLot and are glad to have them as a large part of our operational tool kit.” – Dennis Biliske with Main Resource Equipment Auctions & Land Sales

NextLot’s involvement has shown anywhere from a 10% to a 35% increase in prices at its clients’ auctions. The easy to use, privately branded software has proven to be an auctioneer’s best friend, so if you are an auctioneer and are looking for a innovative way to increase your auction results, think NextLot.

About NextLot, Inc.: NextLot provides auctioneers with a fresh approach to online-timed and live webcast auctions by providing extremely easy to use, privately branded software for three main auction formats: Timed Auction, Webcast, and Pre-Bid. NextLot believes that auctioneers’ most important assets are their buyers and that these assets should not have to be shared with their competitors on a public portal. NextLot users build brand loyalty while enjoying full control of their customer base, and avoiding exposure to competition. NextLot helps auctioneers achieve unparalleled success by empowering them with the best technology in the industry while helping them grow their auction company. This ability to offer “Best of Breed” products and work hand in hand with auctioneers has enabled NextLot to become a leading online software provider. For more information on NextLot, Inc and services offered please visit www.nextlot.com.

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