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NextLot Makes it Easy for Auctioneers to Upload Auction Inventory Fast.

COMPANY OVERVIEW: Polk Auction Company (Polk), established in 1983, is a full service auction company that specializes in farm and industrial equipment. Polk offers regularly scheduled auctions featuring hundreds of pieces of farm and industrial equipment.

CHALLENGE: Need for an Easy-to-Use Clerking Platform and Importing System

  • Polk's previous online provider made it difficult to upload lots in a timely manner into its online auction platform.

  • Due to the lack of a bulk uploading system, Polk had to fill out countless fields for each individual lot, which was a time consuming process.

  • Polk also faced the inability to directly integrate pre-bids into the online auction, which delayed bids being placed.

RESULTS: Increased Speed of Lot Upload Creates More Efficient Online Auctions

  • The internet clerk was able to quickly bulk upload the inventory and publish the sale.

  • Bidders placed 290 pre-bids in the days leading up to the auction.

  • With Nextlot’s system, each pre-bid was effortlessly executed by the internet clerk during the live auction and helped increased the total auction sales by over $285,000.


“I am extremely pleased with the services NextLot has provided us. Having used two other online bidding platforms in the past, NextLot’s system is by far the most user friendly.”

- Jeff Polk, Owner