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NextLot’s Easy-to-use Cataloging App Increases Online Participation for Orr Auctioneers

COMPANY OVERVIEW: Since 1971, Orr Auctioneers (Orr) has been committed to providing the most reliable, results-driven auction service to their clients. Orr Auctioneers’ dedication to excellence ensures that all of their sellers will receive the highest return for their assets. Combined with the tried and proven methods of experience, Orr prides itself on being a leader in the auction marketing profession.

CHALLENGE: Need to post an extensive online catalog with pictures quickly, reliably, and easily

  • The Orr team typically does not have the time or ability to capture and upload multiple images for each lot in a timely fashion before sale day.

  • This delay in posting pictures and information leads to decreased online interest and, in turn, lower internet sales.

  • Because of the limited time available for online cataloging, the Orr team dreaded the process of creating online catalogs.

RESULTS: NextLot’s iPhone cataloging application gives Orr the capability to add items and images to an auction on the fly, saving hours of time and frustration

  • With the introduction of the iPhone cataloging application, Orr now posts multiple images of each lot with no character limit on lot descriptions.

  • Lot descriptions and images are now posted within Orr’s online catalog days before the sale. By doing so, more interest is generated as bidders now have ample time that is needed to thoroughly review the lot listings and explore the variety of pictures for each lot.

  • Orr is no longer frustrated with the process of online cataloging and taking pictures. Instead, Orr embraces the process and is now proactive in completing this task, days ahead of schedule.


“Once again, I cannot tell you enough how super impressed I was with your app. Our internet connection was actually down the day prior to the auction and with the app, I was still able to quickly and with ease, upload the pictures from my phone. Thank you.”

- Troy Orr, Owner of Orr Auctioneers

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