• NextLot Inc.

NextLot Provides Secure Access for Bidder Approval

NextLot, Inc. has become known as one of the front-runners in developing cutting edge software for use in Online Auctions. At the forefront of NextLot’s mission is that a client’s bidders are its most important asset. With this is in mind, NextLot sought to find a secure way to confirm each bidder and provide clients with a peace of mind when approving people to bid online in their auctions.

With the continued growth of online market places, NextLot turned to PayPal to find a partner to process credit cards through its website. Through this partnership, NextLot is able to give clients the option to have their bidders input their credit card information into their website and have PayPal validate it to ensure that the bidder does indeed have a credit card matching the account information that they used to register. This provides a peace of mind to the auctioneer knowing that bidders have valid credit cards and that the bidders who registered haven’t provided fraudulent information.

NextLot continues to strive to provide the upmost quality for its clients. The credit card feature along with several other unique features, were all created to make life easier for the auctioneer. Please check in next week to learn more about unique features that NextLot employs.

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