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NextLot Offers Multiple Ways For Auctioneers To Clerk Online Auctions

NextLot Inc. partners with auctioneers to determine the most effective way to run their online auctions on sale day. NextLot offers three ways to clerk online auctions. Depending on the requirements of the auctioneer, NextLot can send one of its dedicated representatives to the auction and clerk onsite, clerk the auction remotely, or train auctioneers how to run the system themselves. Whichever method an auctioneer chooses, NextLot will always strive to make the process as seamless as possible.

Running auctions has its stresses and complications leading up to sale day. NextLot guarantees to alleviate pre-auction anxiety when sending a clerking associate. The company’s associates will assist with cataloging and taking all necessary photos to assure success on auction day. During auction day, these associates will set up and run the system, act as a ringman by catching online bids, and reconcile post auction. Partnering with NextLot will ensure a successful auction day.

NextLot also provides auctioneers with the option to remote the online auction via the NextLot corporate office by the use of cell phones. This will allow auctioneers to free up staff to do what they do best on auction day, sell and manage a successful auction.

Lastly, NextLot offers a cost efficient option that allows auctioneers to run the system themselves. The company provides a comprehensive training program for auction houses to best utilize all of NextLot’s online auction offerings. This allows auctioneers to have full control of their online auction experience.

Ultimately, collaborating with NextLot allows auctioneers to save time and money, thus generating more bids and higher prices.

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