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NextLot Increases Global Reach with Internationalization Features

NextLot Inc., a Raleigh, NC based software company known for its innovative online bidding technology, understands that the continued growth of a company in today’s economy means not only growing business nationwide, but expanding into the international market. With that in mind, NextLot has made strides in recent years to make its software not only user friendly to non-English speaking users, but also expanding its use to foreign auction houses and foreign bidders.

Since its inception in 2007, NextLot has always wanted to maintain the highest level of quality in the online bidding industry. In order to provide this high quality, full site translations for use by bidders on the desktop and mobile versions were essential. Through cooperation with clients in Europe, Canada and Australia, NextLot was able to produce Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish, French, Euro-English and Australian English translations for use by bidders and clients. This offering has helping increase NextLot’s presence abroad. To date, NextLot has hosted online auctions in 16 countries across six continents. At the present time, NextLot has clients who run auctions in North America (United States, Canada and Mexico), Europe (United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy), and Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong and Singapore).

With the global economy changing daily, NextLot also recognized the need to offer currency conversions for bidders to place value on items purchased in foreign markets. As a result, a real time currency converter was added to the live webcast platform to allow bidders to select any desired currency they wished to display alongside the auction house’s host currency. One particular NextLot client used this feature to their advantage as bidders from six different countries purchased items from their auction. These bidders used the conversion for British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Mexican Pesos, Lebanese Pounds and the Thai Baht from U.S. Dollars to more easily understand the value of the items in their own markets and make informed purchases.

NextLot continues striving to grow its international presence every day. With ongoing goals of adding more translations and continuously growing business with more auction houses abroad, NextLot believes its position in the global market place will only get stronger.

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