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Catalog Pro Remains A Staple For Auctioneers

Auctioneers are continuing to praise the benefits of Catalog Pro, NextLot’s catalog management application. The application has saved its client’s time and money for four years running. Catalog Pro simplifies the pre-auction setup process by enabling auctioneers to post their inventory faster without the hassle of tedious data entry.

Auctioneers no longer have to spend countless hours of renaming photos and bulk uploading inventory. NextLot provides an extremely efficient, fast way to allow its clients to instantly upload inventory from the palm of their hand. Catalog Pro is designed for Apple products and allows its users to input descriptions, assign lot numbers, and take an unlimited amount of photos per item. The president of a major heavy equipment auction company described his experience using Catalog Pro: “Efficiency and effectiveness are key to running a smooth auction. With Catalog Pro, we are able to quickly populate lots to our website, where our viewers and potential buyers can navigate with ease through our constantly updated catalog. From the quick and easy-to-use cataloging app to its webcast, NextLot gives us peace of mind that each auction is going to run smoothly.”

NextLot prides itself on providing cutting edge products that benefit auctioneers. Catalog Pro increases efficiency and helps auctioneers streamline their online auction processes. Having the ability to post inventory sooner increases the exposure of auctioneers’ items prior to auction day resulting in more bids and higher prices.

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