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NextLot Unveils Enhanced User Friendly Bidder Administration Interface

NextLot Inc., a software company specializing in online bidding, is committed to providing the best auction platform for its clients. Recently, NextLot released a new intuitive bidder administration panel making it easy for auctioneers to track buyers’ purchases and information while also improving the speed, reliability and usability of the platform.

This new interface provides each individual bidder with a robust profile. This allows auctioneers to see which auctions bidders have attended online, the items purchased in each auction, the total number of bids placed and any invoices that are outstanding. This extensive bidder overview makes it convenient for auctioneers to access any information they may need, at any time.

Auctioneers now have the ability to track bidders’ purchases to learn the purchase trends of their buyers. The new interface tracks statistics from past auctions to identify potential top buyers for upcoming auctions based on purchase history. Having this information easily accessible will help target marketing efforts for upcoming auctions.

In addition to personalized bidder profiles and inventory tracking, the new administration panel features a tab for big bidders. Now auctioneers can designate big bidders and have their bidder profile pulled into a separate tab displaying their contact information and bid history. This new component makes it easy for auctioneers to locate their top buyers within seconds.

NextLot prides itself on providing software that is both easy to use for bidders and helpful for auction companies in streamlining their daily processes. With these new features, NextLot is making important buyer information more accessible and helping auctioneers track purchasing trends to refine marketing strategies.

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