• NextLot Inc.

NextLot’s Newest Online Bidding Feature to Make Global Impact

NextLot is proud to announce another feature of its recently updated bidding system: language translations. This feature will allow bidders a more accessible, engaging online bidding experience. When auction companies and bidders requested for a built in language translator, Nextlot was happy to accommodate. Apart from meeting clients’ needs, this feature will also play a part in increasing auctioneers’ bidders.

When international bidders log into their online bidding accounts, they will be prompted to select their language of choice. Once they have made this selection, the words throughout the online bidding system will convert. With languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Mandarin, the multi-lingual translator can now optimize clients’ sites to benefit bidders worldwide. This new feature enables online bidders to have a stress free bidding experience where translations are already provided, giving bidders the opportunity to bid with confidence and ease.

NextLot prides itself on continuously doing its part to improve the auction industry by developing new technologies that benefit both auctioneers and bidders. The language converter feature further illustrates NextLot’s commitment to providing the most sophisticated online bidding application in the industry to its global client base.

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